Mayo Centre for Independent Living

Providing Practical assistance to people with experience of a disability who need to do orginary things that help them live their own indepentent life


Health Service Executive


Mayo Recovery College

The Mayo Recovery College continues to ‘keep the conversation going”  A HSE mental health service innovation in collaboration with GMIT the college  aims to emphasise the role of dialogue, narrative and education  as powerful agents in mental health promotion and care. The college is one component in a recovery oriented vision that anticipates a reciprocal relationship ship between high quality clinical supports, lived experience and dialogic educational experiences. The college experience promotes self care and self direction.


Flourish Project

Flourish offers a support service for adults to link with hobbies and interests and self-care practices as a means of enhancing their health and wellbeing. Flourish is ideal for anyone who finds themselves socially isolated or withdrawn or in need of self-care.


MS Ireland


Disability Federation of Ireland