Who runs this programme?

The weekly sessions are facilitated by two supervised trainers. All of our Trainers understand the challenges of living with on-going conditions and many use the very same health management techniques you’ll learn during this programme to cope with their own on-going health conditions.

Is this a support group or some kind of group therapy?

The Self Care to Wellness programme is a practical series of classes that teach new skills. Many people find it supportive, but it isn’t therapy! Who can take part? Anyone living with an ongoing or long term health condition, be it physical, mental or neurological is welcome to register. If you think this programme could be for you but have additional queries that you need addressed, please contact the programme coordinator who will advise you.

What can i expect if i attend this programme?

 On the six 2.5 hour weekly sessions you will be joined by 12 to 15 other individuals who also have an on-going health condition. While the programme provides oppertunity for individuals to share their  experience, if comfortable doing so confidentially within the group is agreed from the outset i.e. personal details shared in the group stay in the group. Previous participants who have attended this type of programme have reported the following benefits:

 • Increased knowledge and self-managing their condition

 • Increased self-confidence

 • Decreased depression

 • Decreased pain 

What does this programme cost?

We ask for a donation of €20.00 to help cover the cost of materials supplied to participants, refreshments and venue costs. To Pay on line there is additional €.50 fee for registeration.